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Ensor eRS301

The Swiss meter
with connection to transformers for low- and medium voltage

The smart measuring device (iMG) for the SmartGrid of Switzerland

Key Data

  • High-precision measuring system for low voltage and medium voltage
  • Robust design
  • MID, national approval and data security certification
  • Modern RS485 bus integrated
  • Wide range power supply
  • Modular expandable P2P communication
  • Supports DLMS or IEC
  • DLMS CTT certified

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A good investment -because more than just a meter

Key Data eRS301
  • High precision measurement of the active and reactive energy as well of the network’s quality datas according to the EN50160 specifications. 
  • Accuracy Class B and C

  • Suitable for the mid and low voltage
  • Flexible due to the exchangeable communication modules

  • Very extensive options for time series recording of load profile, power quality and
    M-Bus meter data

  • EN62056-21 and DLMS/COSEM Protocols, compatible with the package 2 of IDIS
  • Master M-Bus for max. four M-Bus meters
  • High-Level Security (Encryption, Authentication)

  • According to the Energy Supply Ordinance (ESO) (Electricity Supply Ordinance ) and to the Smart Grid Ready
  • National certification in Switzerland
dlms and EN62056-21

The eRS301 supports the two common communication protocols:

  • DLMS/COSEM Protocol according to the DLMS Green Book V8.1 and Blue Book V12.1.
  • IEC Protocole according to EN62056-21

Re. the eRS301 meter we have several communication possibilities which are at your disposal:

Choose the type of communication which suits you and which is the best useful for you.
Not sure ?
If you have doubts, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will be happy to visit you.

  • M3-100: LTE
    The transparent LTE(4G) with the Fallback on the 3G/2G supports the protocols DLMS/COSEM or EN62056-21.

  • M3-110: Cat-M1
    The transparent Cat-M1 supports the protocols DLMS/COSEM or EN62056-21

  • M3-300: Ethernet
    The transparent TCP/IP support the protocols DLMS/COSEM or EN62056-21


The M-Bus Interface of the eRS301 is used for the connexion to section meters (gas, water, heat/cold) and to other apparatus which are conceived according to the M-Bus specifications.

  • The eRS301 has numerous options for time series recording of the M-Bus meter data.

  • With its Master M-Bus, it can record and read till 4 M-Bus charges

The RS485 interface is available for readout, looping or configuration.

  • To a RS485 interface it is possible to connect till 31 meters with a max. performance length of 1000m.
  • 2 connexions (RJ12 plug) for a quick wiring via Patch cable (RJ12).

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